Wednesday 21 February 2018
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Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a general term used for services that are hosted and accessed over the internet, and whose physical location is usually unknown.

Most of the IT services today are provided over the cloud. Owing to the popularity of the technology, there has also been a constant rise in both, consumer’s and vendor’s of the technology.

There are mainly 3 types of cloud hosting services:


IaaS is an acronym for Infrastructure as a Service. IaaS providers allows the clients to host a part of or the entire infrastructure over the cloud.

The vendors allow the clients to host storage, servers, hardware as well as software. The cloud allows for easy and automatic scalability of the resources without any intervention or request from the client.


PaaS is short for for Platform as a Service. PaaS is mainly meant to serve the developers. PaaS provides hardware and software applications hosted over the cloud, which is used by the user to develop and create applications.

PaaS does not host all of the users hardware and software. Only the ones used to create applications. This allows the user to free those resources for different purposes.


SaaS stands for for Software as a Service. Although SaaS also hosts software’s and applications, it is still quite different from PaaS.

Unlike PaaS, the users actually use applications developed by the cloud vendors. The vendor makes these applications available to the user by delivering it through the user’s web interface i.e web browser. The user’s do not own these applications, nor can they download it to use it offline. The Vendor makes these services available for a price.


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